електрически велосипеди
електрически велосипеди

Electric Bike Classic

електрически велосипед

Classic electric bike from aluminum alloy. Lightweight and comfortable for movement in urban and suburban conditions. Convenient for transport on a standard bicycle rack car. Meets European standard for electrical bicycle. The motor controler uses PAS (Pedal Assisted System). Folding solar panel is mounted on the trunk. The battery is locked to the frame, can be removed and charged separately from the bike.

Technical parameters  
Frame Aluminun
Wheels Aluminum 26"
Brakes V-Brake
Shifter: SHIMANO 6 speed gears
Brushless hub servo motor 250 W
Battery LiFePO4 36 V, 10A.h
Solar panel 22 W
Charging period (220V/Solar) 4-6 / 16 часа
Max speed 25 km/h
Max range 25-40 km
Weight 26 kg
Price 1200 BGN

Solar Electric Bike Classic (PDF)